Leadership Talent Assessment

We validate the perfect-fit Leadership Talent for your business by using our HF: Leadership Assessment. This is our complete candidate assessment proven to increase placed candidate retention; creating a lean, skilful, productive and loyal workforce.

The HF: Leadership Assessment combines Competency Based Interview; Company Culture Suitability; Face to Face Leadership Appraisal; Psychometric Personality Profiling; and an in-depth Candidate Verification Check – delivering the ideal candidate to your business first time.

HF: Leadership Assessment is a rigorous assessment formula which enables the shortlisted candidates to be compared side by side, measuring Aptitude, Skill, Leadership Style, Team Suitability and Strength & Development areas. This assessment can be extended to internal candidates and used within succession planning. HF: Leadership Assessment produces a comprehensive calculus empowering the business to make an informed and rewarding long term hiring decision.


Good Leaders make profit; Extraordinary Leaders double profit

Competency Based Interview

Candidate Verification Check

Face To Face Leadership Appraisal

Psychometric Profiling

Company Culture Suitability

Internal Talent Assessment